Saturday, 20 June 2015

Picture This #308 ~ Shine

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week's theme. A really good one, with lots of different possibilities!!

Here are mine:

1) Shining a light in the dark.
Glow One

2) Shiny irridescent fly.
Irridescent Fly 2

3) Magnolia leaves outlined in sunshine.
Magnolia Leaves Backlit

4) Fountain in the sunshine.
Backlit Fountain 1


  1. Hi, Mitch, great to see your photos. The candle up top is marvelous and I like how the light is reflected in the coppery holders behind it. Wonderful shine on the fly and a nice macro. The magnolia leaves are beautiful with the light behind them. And what lovely light in the fountain; a scene showing both hot and cool.

  2. Hi Mitch wonderful shots love the last one with the ice cool shot

  3. Love the colourful fly with all his details. A good capture on the candle flame and nice details on the outline of the leaves. Very good reflection of light on the fountain.

  4. Beautiful and serene

    Indeed - love the sapphirine blue of the back

    Beautiful iridescent palegreen leaves.

    Utterly lovely shimmering pillars of lacewhitefroth radiated by the diamondwhite sun.

  5. Hi Mitch! How beautiful all the four shots are! Each one has its own way of shining and you captured it very nicely...The shot of the iridescent fly is my favourite....

  6. All very nice shots, Mitch! That fly shot is amazing!