Friday, 12 June 2015

Picture This #307 ~ Fields And Grass

Hello everyone, it's Pat calling from Helvetia (Switzerland) the place in the middle of Europe that you can pass through and not notice that you have been there. It's fields and grass. Even grass grew in London when I lived there between the paving stones and we also had fields, known as parks - have fun.

I am early, but Saturday I have to attend to housewife stuff like cooking and cleaning and only get to the computer in the afternoon.

The corn/wheat or whatever  it is, is growing on the field in our village just across the road

Wheatfield in Felbrunnen
The local farmer left one field to do what it wanted to with the result that I think every wild flower in the book of wild flowers started to grow. I don't know what this is, some sort of reed probably.
Wild Flower Meadow, Feldbrunnen
This is also some sort of grass or crop growing on the wayside which I saw as I was walking past.
Wild grass
And a few more fields growing something - am not sure what it is too early to tell
Crops in Feldbrunnen


  1. Now that everything is starting to turn green around here, this will be a fun theme. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful theme and great pictures, Pat. I love the top one especially with the shades of green and blue, and the mountains. I am guessing it is not corn, more likely wheat.

  3. Hi Pat thnks for hosting and giving us a cool theme
    love all your shots

  4. Hi Pat !! Many thanks for hosting this week. Love the theme. Love the light and shadow on the wheat crop in the first shot. That furry-topped wild grass in the second shot is a favourite of mine. I'm thinking the crop in the third shot might be a short-grain crop, possibly oats? A wonderful pastoral scene in your final photo.

  5. Beautiful capture of the shimmering green field and the emeraldine stems and cornstems and looks like taters.

  6. Beautiful fields and grasses. I love the really close up shot, Pat!