Saturday, 13 June 2015

Picture This #307 ~ Fields And Grass

Wonderful banner by Randall; if you haven't followed the links on his page to the Soap Lake historical page, I encourage you to do so.

Nice time for this theme, Pat, the fields are in late spring glory.

Grass in the evening light

Beach grass
Beach grass on northern Lake Michigan

A field of Bee Balm, also known as Monarda.


  1. Good light effect on the grass in the first one. The beach grass and the lake have a wonderful atmosphere. Striking colours of the bee balm which I have never seen before.

  2. Hi Benni !! Great shots for Pat's theme. I really like how the light is catching the grasses in the first shot. Is it natural light or did you use a flash? Good shot of the beach grasses, a familiar sight on many beaches over here, too. Love the colours of the Bee Balm (great name!!), also the reed-bed in the background. I assume from those that this is in wetland/marshy ground?

    1. Thanks, Mitch. The grasses were taken in natural light with an unsightly building behind them. I partially cropped it out and used something (black point) on my Mac photo processor to darken the background and further hide the building.

  3. Beautiful golden grass, field of beige sand and pretty little flowers.

  4. Beautiful light on the grasses, just beautiful! Your beach shot is lovely. It makes me wish I were there, instead of here!!! I love the bee balm. So pretty!

  5. Love the first shot of the straw, and the bee balms. I have some red ones blooming in the back.