Saturday, 6 June 2015

Picture This #306 ~ Art

I am back again, I have so many art works, I have to make sure I am not repeating myself.

The first art is very original. On Monday we booked a meal at a restaurant for all 12 of us after my son's wedding. When they brought the desert, it looked good on the plates, but for my son and daughter-in-law they did something special.
Registry Office Wedding Solothurn, Oliver and Franzi

I have a few stickers on my windows to make sure that guests do not run into them (I am fussy about having clean windows and do not have curtains except in the bedrooms as we have blinds). Sometimes the sunlight plays tricks and I caught the shadow of a bird sticker on the window reflected on a kitchen cupboard. All very imaginative I suppose, but I love those spontaneous photos.
Shadow of the bird
This one always fascinated me. I might have brought it before, but it is a grave I discovered on the
Montparnasse cemetery in Paris (being a cemetery tourist). Although you can find it on Internet, this is my own photo. Ricardo was the assistant to the artist Niki de Saint Phalle who died young.
And for the grand finale here is one of my own art work constructions. You may know the famous paintings of the Belgian painter Rene Margritte with the apple in front of the guy with the bowler hat. Being a fan I did my own thing. The original photo of the cat, sky and apple were mine, but I combined them in the days of Monochrome Monday with photoshop back in the Multiply days and this was the result. Roschti the neighbour's cat with my apple and a sky over Feldbrunnen.
roschti and apple


  1. Hi Pat !! What a great selection for Anders' theme!! That wedding dessert is a real work of art. I really like the shadow-art of your second shot. That's a very artisitic gravestone for Ricardo!! A fine example of Angloswiss art to finish with!!

  2. Hi Pat! Belated congratulations for your son's wedding...very beautiful dessert presentation... love that bird shadow... I have already seen bird stickers on the surface of windows in my neighbourhood but I didn't know why they were there for... Very interesting and colourful grave of the French artist... exactly the style of his works.... Love the bottom shot...

  3. Hi Pat, great pix!! That dessert for the newlyweds truly is a work of art. Love the reflection of the sticker and the very creative apple face cat. My favorite is the charming, poignant cemetery sculpture. Ricardo must have been missed sorely.

  4. Delightful

    Wow inventive

    Wonderful piece commmemorating the artist

    Great take on the other artists work.