Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Picture This #307 ~ Fields And Grass

This one came along at the right time. Things are starting to grow around the basin, so Fields and grass are everywhere. Even a few others who enjoy the green slivers. Thanks Pat for the theme to play with. Also it does my heart and lens good seeing the shot on the banner. So now for a romp in the field.

This young Coyote beatin cheeks to get into the cover of the Field's grass cover. Not really into being in pictures today I guess. LOL

A deer enjoying everything mother nature can throw her way.

Oh the party is getting bigger. 

As I said the wheat is coming up nicely in the fields. Hopefully it will be a wonderful year for the areas wheat harvest.


  1. Hi Randall!! Fantastic photos for Pat's theme!! Beautiful captures of both the coyote pup and the deer. Great shot of the bird-brain town meeting. Love the quality of light on the wheatfield in your final shot.

  2. Hi Randall, great pictures, including the banner shot. That coyote looks stealthy popping into the deep green grasses. Nice greens and browns in your deer picture. Wonderful shot of the rare sandhill cranes; I have seen them but never close enough to get a decent picture. My favorite is the wheel in the wheat, fabulous patterns and light.

  3. lol @ "beatin' cheeks". Never heard that one before. Nice capture!

    Lovely shot of the deer!

    That's quite a party!

    I love that last shot. Very artistic!

  4. wow the first one is wonderful and the little deer well great shooting :)

  5. Wonderful photos. A real live coyote and we can be glad to see a cat or dog where I live, great shot. Lovely shot of the deer, really in a wild moment and I love the shot of the party guests.Our wheat fields are now similar, but not as big probably.