Saturday, 20 June 2015

Picture This #308 ~ Shine

Thanks for hosting Benni and thanks Mitch for featuring my grass or whatever as a banner shot. Just a small remark Mitch, what about a banner photo from you some time - don't be shy you have some wonderful photos to show.

Shiny means getting everything nice a clean and sparkling, so I made a couple of new photos as things are not always as they should be.

My lamp base caught my eye this morning, so here it is. I think Mr. Swiss shines that now and again
Shiny lamp

And my glass dish with an apple shining away
Shiny glass dish

Our River Aar always shines, whether in the sun or in the storm clouds
Stormy weather over Solothurn

And these are all shining at our monthly market
Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat!! Wonderful shots for Benni's theme. Lovely shiny base to the shiny it's reflecting an image of Mrs Angloswiss!! Wonderful still-life of glass dish and apple. I really like the dramatic, moody sky in your shot of the river. Cool shiny trinkets in the last shot.

  2. Hello Pat, great shots for the theme. Wonderful lines and angles in the shiny lamp base. The picture of the apple in the glass bowl is my favorite; very nicely done. The Aar is darkly dramatic in your photo, and is, indeed shining. And I love the light catchers twinkling at the market place.

  3. Utterly wonderful reflection in the brightly polished metal.

    Beautiful glassware

    Serene and beautiful opalineblack river

    Wonderful "jewels"

  4. Hi Pat! Beautiful set of shots for Benni's theme. All different, yet all beautiful. I really love the second and the bottom ones, my two favourites. The apple enhances the shining glassware... very nice composition...

  5. Pretty, shiny lamp base and not a speck of dust!

    I love, love, love the apple in the dish! What a wonderfully creative shot!

    The River Aar is very scenic. Nice shot!

    I love the light catching thing-a-ma-bobs!