Saturday, 27 June 2015

Picture This #309 ~ Summer Vacation

Thanks for hosting Heidi.

I no longer do summer holidays because I live in a place that does it all for me. I spend the good summer days usually taking walks in the neighbourhood with Mr. Swiss or on the patio with the computer.

We live just 5 minutes walk from the Rive Aare which goes through the middle of Switzerland. I took this photo a couple of days ago of the Aare. You can see see a small peak at the Jura mountains in the distance.
River Aare

We  have a stork colony in the village of Altreu, a village on the Aare. The storks are free to do what they want to do and sometimes they pay us a visit in our area. I was lucky enough to see one taking a walk along the river in a field.

Looks like the reeds are getting higher along the river bank.

My garden is also one of my favourite places for a summer holiday, perhaps eating our meals outside and taking a look at how it grows and flowers.
Roses and Sweet William in Garden

Oh, and  nearly forgot, what would a walk along the river be if one of the swans did not show up to say hello.
Swan on river Aare


  1. Hi Pat forst love your banner
    love your pictures of the Arre yes it comes out in Waldshut/Tingen where it becomes part of the Rhein
    love the history of this river

  2. Beautiful summer shot

    "Im going nice walkies."

    Beautiful lush green lands.

    Lovely garden shot

    and stately passage of the swan

  3. Hi Pat!! Even vacations 'at home' can produce great photos, as you have demonstrated here!! Lovely view of the Aar to start with, with the clouds reflected in it. Nice shot of the stork going for a walk. No babies to deliver that day, I guess!!! LOL. I really like the shot of the hill through the reeds. Simple composition, but sums up summer so well. Wonderful colours in your garden. I like your last shot, as that could have been here in trip out in summer is complete in these parts without seeing a few swans.

  4. Wonderful place to spend a vacation!! Such a dreamy walk along the Aare, Glorious shots of the stork and swan. Your garden is lovely and a serene place to relax.

  5. There are many ways of taking vacations, not necessarily outside our daily environment. Your very beautiful shots do show the aforesaid...