Saturday, 27 June 2015

Picture This #309 ~ Summer Vacation

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week's challenge. A good theme, looking forward to seeing where everyone has visited during their vacations!! 

Here are mine, from the last four years:

1) 2014. Walking the Dorset coastal path, England.
Don't Fence Me In 1

2) 2013. Ruins of a Hopi dwelling, Wupatki National Monument, Arizona.
Box Canyon Dwelling 4

3) 2012. Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.
Bryce - Inspiration Point 9

4) 2011. Great Blue Heron on the hunt, taken during an airboat trip on Boggy Creek, Florida.
Heron On The Hunt 1


  1. Dorset must be a nice place. those cliff walks in England are just wonderful. Your shot of the Hopi dwelling is a good one with the snowy mountains in the background and Bryce Canyon certainly as its charm. Good shot of the heron, what lovely colours he has.

  2. Oh and I wanted to say what a good shot the candle makes as a banner.

  3. Hi Mitch! I am so glad you put your own marvelous shot as the banner picture. You've put up 3 of my very favorite pix, especially the second one which speaks to me. And I love your heron; I don't think I have ever seen it before. I have seen them on the beach, but never in such a lush green setting.

  4. Hi Mitch! Once again, I am aware of my lack of vocabulary to express how I really love the four shots. The heron's eyes are very much concentrated on something, probably a potential snack...

  5. Lovely walk

    Majestic mountains

    Magnificent mountain landscape

    "From heron after I will always sit stil when Mitch comes by to take my pic.

  6. Hi Mitch love your candle in the wind lovely
    love your ruins in Arizona so interesting and the Brice canyon wow lovely colors
    the bird is posing just for you