Saturday, 20 June 2015

Picture This #308 ~ Shine

Happy Saturday, this is Benni, your host this weekend. Wonderful banner shot by Pat!! The theme I have picked has to do with light and objects that shine or shimmer, glow or sparkle in it. There's a lot of room for some great pictures here, anything that reflects or plays with light.  Let your imaginations go and have a good time.

Sail boat
Diamonds on the water

Detroit car show, 1989 Corvette reflected in the headlamp of a 1930 Model A Ford.

Glass flowers

Sea gold
Pelicans on a shimmering sea.


  1. Hi Benni! Great theme! I love your sparkling sea with the sailboat and pelican! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Cool reflection in the second shot! Old car vs new car.

    I love the colors in your glass flowers. So rich!

    Love the feeling of motion on your sea of gold! Wonderful capture!

  2. Hi Benni what a wonderful theme--love your shots

  3. Thanks for hosting Benni. A shiny reflection on the waves well caught, good reflection in the lamp covering on the car and beautiful colours on the glass flower.A final touch with the pelicans on a very unique shiny sea.

  4. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week!! Love the theme. Fabulous first shot, love all those sparkling 'diamonds' and the pelican skimming the sea. Very creative second shot, the juxtaposition of new reflected in old is striking!! Lovely multitude of colours in your glass flower. The final shot just has a great feeling of peacefulness.

  5. Beautiful shimmering powderblue sky and silver glitter on the sea and the waveskimming bird and the serenely passing boat.

    My baby drove by in a brandnew Corvette.

    Exquisite piece of art

    and wonderful shot of the surfing pelicans.

  6. Hi Benni! Very good theme for this week's theme. Sorry for being late but I couldn't do it earlier. Love your four shots for their diversity...all of them have shining elements from nature to man made...