Saturday, 7 May 2016

Picture This #351 ~ Pastels

Welcome to Picture This. I will be your host this week and I have chosen the theme of "Pastels". Pastel colored objects are found everywhere, in nature and in buildings, in the sky, in woods and wherever people gather. So look through your files or take some new pictures. Here are mine to get you started.

Oh - important! If Blogger gives you some nonsense at the top of your page when you are composing, ignore it. I did. It's some blather in red and pink letters about https; I didn't understand it, so I just ignored it.

Robin in an apple blossom tree.

Women on the beach
Women on the beach.

Panel O'Hare
Acrylic panels in a wall, O'Hare airport.

Pastel grey sky.


  1. Like the women on the beach. Wish I was there. The shot of the robin is great.

  2. Beautiful shimmering appleblossom buds

    Utterly wonderful capture of the pair

    Very cool

    Utterly lovely shimmering purple sky and moon and intricately
    interweaved branches.

  3. Hi Benni !! many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, with lots of possibilities. Your lovely robin sure is popping up all over the place!! LOL. But why not? When I have a photo I'm really proud of, I'll post it lots!! great shot of the ladies taking a stroll on the beach. Love the colour of the ocean. I really like the simplicity of the composition in your third shot. Almost an abstract. Wonderful shot of the moon in a pale pastel sky.

  4. Love the robin in the first photo, we only see them in winter in Switzerland. A good shot of the two women on the beach. artistic pastel panels on the wall and a good contrast of the moon and the sky.