Saturday, 28 May 2016

Picture This #354 ~ Electronics In Our Lives

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. Another interesting theme that I don't think we've had before!! Unfortunately, as primarily a nature photographer, I rarely shoot technology. I have no shots of 'old' electronic technology (old isn't all that old when it comes to electronics!!). So, I've had to resort to showing shots of my current electronics at home.

Here are mine:

1) My Samsung tablet. This was on the day I purchased it, as it came out of the box. 
Tablet 3

2) My computer workstation at home.  Featuring my computer, monitor, printer, external HD, 2.1 sound system with sub-woofer.

3) My big-screen TV, playing Netflix, as usual!! (sorry about the quality of this shot).


  1. you out did yourself all great shots

    the Apple Mac I have on my page is now an antique it is worth well over 5000.dollars to collectors it was called the lamp shade --Mac's are so wonderful I have never used anything else

  2. Hi, Mitch!! Love your tech and my husband loves your big screen TV and the speakers on your computer station. Beautiful wood panelling in the second shot.

  3. Your collection is completely different to mine and that makes it so interesting. I have never had a Samsung and have not worked on a computer with all the trimmings for many years. It looks very imposing. I very rarely watch the TV and have never indulged in Netflix but it certainly looks good.. There were also some very old TV's at the museum, but I just did not have the room to show everything here.

  4. Hi Mitch! I love your set of contributions for this week's theme. Impressive computer workstation...

  5. Three great representation for the modern world