Saturday, 14 May 2016

Picture This #352 ~ Horizons

Hi Anders, thank you for this great theme. I had fun finding pictures for it.

And, as always, am honored to have my shot up there as banner picture.

Here are my takes on the theme:

Sea Grapes
Sea grapes on the dunes, Florida.

Venice from air
There must be a horizon beneath all those clouds. I am in a plane descending into Venice Airport.

Horizon with friends
Again, Florida.


  1. Utterly lovely plethora of colours in the leaves and grass set against the chromium sea.

    Utterly lovely iridecent saffron/burning liquid gold swath in the Columbiablueclouded sky and misted chromium sea

    Volareing in the paleblue sky above the cobolt sea.

  2. Hi Benni wonderful horizon shots

  3. Hi Benni !! Great shots for this week's theme. I really like the colour of those sea-grapes in the first shot. The second shot is one of those where it's difficult to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins. Looks like the pelican in the third shot was just starting his descent for a landing!!