Saturday, 7 May 2016

Picture This #351 ~ Pastels

First of all sorry for the absence last week, but things got a little hectic. What with my dad problems, trying to blog in between and my own health problems, but I am back. Thank you so much for featuring my photo of the Thames as a banner last week.

Wonderful banner from Anders and thanks for hosting Heidi.

I am so proud of the first blossom on this Gala apple tree in my garden. It began as a planted apple pip in a pot on my office desk about 20 years ago. It grew and I took it home and planted it in the garden. It grew quite tall, I cut it back every years and this year the gardener did it for me in spring. and now I have apple blossoms for the first time. I could not believe it. I have an apple tree already bearing about 100 apples a year, but had give up hopes with this one. by the way, there is a second one growing as well, but that is not as tall as this one.

Apple blossom

This is a so-called Siberian Burgloss. It looks exactly like the forget my not, but it is a perreniel, and grows every year. My sister in law gave me some plants once and now they are dotted in between all over the garden and make a lovely show in April/May.
Siberian Burgloss 12.04.

A pastel sky with some crows. They often have gatherings around where we live.


A not very pastel butterfly on the pastel Buddleia.
Peacock Butterfly


  1. Hi Pat, glad to see you back. I am hoping your father is doing better as well as you.

    Your first picture is gorgeous. How great to have a tree grown from a seed. Beautiful pastels in your second. That's the most delicate of pastel blues. The crows are fabulous against the sky; I love the trees and the birds both perched and flying. Your last picture is my favorite. The buddleia is wonderful and great capture of the butterfly gathering nectar.

  2. Hi Pat your banner was stupendous last week and it fit my theme perfectly
    love your shots today love the apple blossoms but my fav are the forget me not's I have the same ones they are perennials and come up all over like yours your birds and the butterfly are wonderful

  3. Beautiful Siberian Burgloss

    Lovely snake-eyes

    Utterly lovely shimmering paleblue pinkstained sky

    Beautiful Buddleia.

  4. Hi Pat!! Great to see you taking part this week!! Wonderful shots for Benni's theme. You must be so happy that you finally have blossom on your grown-from-a-seed apple tree. You have to have patience when growing a tree!! Lovely Siberian Burgloss. Yes, it does look like Forget-Me-Not. I wonder if there's a way to tell the difference? Love the evening sky full of crows. I like to hear them as they return to roost in the evenings. Beautiful shot of the butterfly on the Buddleia. Roll on summer!!