Saturday, 28 May 2016

Picture This #354 ~ Electronics In Our Lives

A fun theme, Pat, I hope you are getting around a bit better. Lovely to see my whelk egg case as banner shot.

Digital camera 2000. This was my first digital camera; it's tiny (that's it in front of my face) and the quality was not so good, but I had a lot of fun with it.

Electronics can be warm and inviting to cats. This DVR was one of her favorite places to sleep until she barfed into in. It was never the same.

I had just gotten my Nikon and was experimenting with it. I captured the forecast of the worst ice storm in years.


  1. "Here's me taking a photo of me visible in the mirror."


    Great capture of the screen!

  2. Congratulations on the banner photo
    We have a few of those older digi cameras and they are so interesting to see, compared to what we have today. Of course the modern electronics were only developed to supply our felines with a comfortable place to sleep and for other reasons. MY DSLR camera is a Nikon 7000 and I am very satisfied with it. I should take it more with me on a photo trip. Good photo of your computer and the little ornaments of the bags on the right.

  3. Hi Benni !! Love your shots for this week's theme. That first digital camera of yours looks even smaller than my first one was. Mind you, I didn't get my first digital camera til 2006, by which time they were starting to get a bit bigger, both in size and capability. Mine was an Olympus 5.1 Mp. I was so impressed with it, I've stayed with Olympus ever since. Nice shot of Honey sleeping on the DVR. Yes, you're right.....electronics and cat-barf are NOT a good mix!!! LOL. Nice shot of the TV in the last shot. Guess it must have been around Christmas-time!!

  4. Hi Benni! I still keep my first digital camera and I always take it with me whenever I travel, just in case something happens with my new one. Cats always find some unusual place to have a nap, don't they? Love the last shot, nice light, good composition and those pink and blue gift bags add a festive feel to the photo.