Saturday, 21 May 2016

Picture This #353 ~ Abandoned Places

I am here again. I noticed the remarks made by Mitch about this site also being abandoned. I must admit I am not entirely innocent as I also missed out twice in the last month. I had problems with my dad, my own health problems, and since our Multiply collapsed I have now found my place in WordPress. I have made many friends there, and will even be travelling to Zürich on Monday to meet one of them who is from the States. I just enjoy writing and photography and there are so many challenges that keep me busy. Anyhow I had a look in my records and actually found a couple of abandoned objects in Switzerland, although most of them are renovated and afterwards sold for a great profit.

Some ago Mr. Swiss took me for ride up a local mountain where there is an old castle built into the slope, Balm by Günsberg.

Balm and Günsberg

This used to be a thriving place for the sales of stone object and fences at the top of the road where I stay when I am in London with my friend. Suddenly it was gone, everything removed so I took a few photos - it is in Hornchurch, Essex, London
London 2015

What you are looking at here are the remains of the Ford Motor Works in Dagenham, London where my dad spent most of his working life. The factory is no longer the foundry for the cars, but now rented to various other businesses.
What is left of Ford Motor Works, Dagenham


  1. Wow cool dwelling

    A pity about these monuments of the golden age of manufacture.

  2. These are amazing pictures. The castle in the cliff is intriguing and could be the basis for so many stories. Sad to see abandoned shops and factories. Your middle picture especially is haunting and melancholy.

  3. wow Pat that first one is a wow shot

  4. Hi Pat!! Great shots showing places that are abandoned. I do remember you writing about the place in the first shot some time ago. It does remind me of a place on Arizona, called Montezuma's Castle. The second shot is a sad reflection of today's economic climate. one minute there can be a thriving business.....the next it either has to close because of lack of business or has to relocate because of higher and higher running costs. I don't think there are many Brits of a certain age who are not familiar with the Ford Dagenham works. Seems it was often in the news for one reason or another in the 60's and 70's.

    Thanks for your comments about what I said on my post. I just want to say that I was in no way saying it was anyone's fault in particular. I would never do that. I just have to be pragmatic in that when we drop below a certain level of participation, I have to ask if it is still worth the effort. I haven't yet decided for definite what I will do, I'm going to think about it some more. In the meantime we'll continue as usual.