Saturday, 7 May 2016

Picture This #351 ~ Pastels

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A great theme, lots of possibilities.

Here are mine:

1) A pastel sunset over the Cleddau River, Pembrokeshire, Wales.Pastel Sunset 5

2) Pale pastel shades of a Dahlia.
Dahlia 4

3) Another pastel sunset over the Cleddau River, from a different angle, at a different time of year.
River Sunset4

4) Pastel shades of a different variety of Dahlia.
Glowheart 1


  1. hi Mitch
    love all your shots the River shot is wonderful
    your flowers superb and the sunset stupendous

  2. Utterly lovely shimmering burnished gold sky

    Incredible shimmering lacewhite/purple petals

    Utterly lovely shimmering pink/mauve sky and iridescent crimson/gold sun and
    prussianblue island and amethyst river.

    Exquisite pinks and golds.

  3. Hi Mitch! Wonderful sunset over the Cleddau. I like the one light in the foreground that is a nice counterpoint to the sun. The dahlia is a fabulous macro, with a spectrum of pastels from purple to magenta to pink, with yellow contrasts. Again, a lovely sunset, with pastels in the sky. And beautiful pink and yellow dahlia, ready for the bees.

  4. Wonderful sunset in the first photo. the dahlis is really a good shot with the contrast of the mauve against the white. Just love that pastel sunset in the third photo, such wonderful colours and a perfect Dahlia to finish with.