Saturday, 14 May 2016

Picture This #352 ~ Horizons

Beautiful banner by Benni.

Greetings and welcome from Sweden. I'm your host this week and the chosen theme is...Horizons.

The first one was taken at a visit to eastern Scania
 photo Blue_Horizon_zpspxzxedqm.jpg

Taken on an excursion on the northernmost beach of our village.
 photo DSC_0096_zpsrpnatn4h.jpg

Taken on a walk along the shoreline towards the reef near the northern end of our village.
 photo sunset_I_zpsbaa98css.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, one that we've never had before!! Looking forward to some interesting shots!! Really nice clear-blue ocean horizon in the first shot. Mellow-looking day in the second photo. Glorious sunset on the horizon in your final shot!!

    1. You're welcome, Mitch, and thanks. :)

  2. Hi Anders! Your pictures are very peaceful and lovely. Love the colors in the first one; looks like one can walk out fairly far on the sand bars. The rocky shore is moody and also has great colors. And your last shot is magnificent of the sunset.