Saturday, 14 May 2016

Picture This #352 - Horizons

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. A great theme, I don't think we've done this one before. I'm hoping to see some great shots!! 

Here are mine:

1) Sea horizon at sunset, Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Sunset Seas 3

2) The awesome horizons of Bryce Canyon, Utah. Photo taken at 'Rainbow Point', at 9115 feet above sea-level.
Bryce - Rainbow Point 20

3) Snow-storm gathering on the horizon, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Storm Clouds Gather

4) Mountains on the horizon, Mojave Desert, Nevada/California border.
Desert Road 4


  1. Hi, Mitch. Wonderful to have land horizons as well as sea horizons. The sun peeking out at Freshwater West is fabulous. Love the spray in that one. Bryce canyon is wonderful with the gorgeous rock formations and the mountains on the horizon. The picture from Wales has many interesting elements; I especially love the clouds and gate. And there again, mountains on the horizon. Wonderful blues but I bet it was hot.

  2. Stunning sunset over the stormy sea caressing the rockshore

    Truly majestic mountain vista

    Beautiful - looks like an 18th century painting

    Majestic mountain landscape

  3. wow wonderful shots of the horizon