Saturday, 4 June 2016

Picture This #355 ~ Rocks

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A great theme, one that I really like. In my travels to various national parks in the south-west of the US, I've photographed a lot of spectacular rock formations. The hardest part here was deciding which ones to use!!

1) The incredible 'hoodoo' rock formations of Bryce Canyon.
Bryce - Inspiration Point 15

2) Zion National Park has some spectacular rock formations. 
Magnificent Zion 2

3) One of the walls of Red Rock Canyon. To give you an idea of scale, if you look carefully at the centre of the photo you can just see two men climbing on the rocks.
Red Rock 2

4) Beautiful sandstone arch at Valley Of Fire.
Natural Arch 1


  1. Wow - magnificent mountain vistas

  2. Hi Mitch wow love your shots all of them especially the first and fourth the colors are just spectacular

  3. Impossible to sort one particular rock formation, they are all very interesting and have their individual charm. Just shows what happened when this place called earth was formed and the diversity of the results.

  4. Your pictures of rocks are so amazing. The colors and light, and the sculpting of the formations by wind and water. The sandstone arch in particular is a stunning photo.