Saturday, 11 June 2016

Picture This #356 ~ Daily Chores

Brilliant banner photo from Mitch and a good theme, although I do not get out as much as I would like to, as still coming to grips with aided walking, but I will get there. As long as you have two cameras and a mobile phone, you can always take a photo.

For those who do not know, I have now definitely been diagnosed with MS, although I can live with it. I have probably had it since 25 years, it creeps up on you and you tend to think it is just old age. One day you realise that something is wrong, at least my doctor did and sent me to the specialist. After many complicated examinations, plus a lumber puncture the result is now known. I think almost every hospital in Switzerland got a sample of my body liquids along the line.

And now to something normal.

A typical morning chore: having my breakfast with I, me and myself, and the computer. Every morning same place, more or less same time. This time with my new Acer computer instead of my Apple - yes I have the best of both worlds.
breakfasr & computer time
Another daily chore, checking my diabetes level of sugar. Actually I should do it daily, but actually do it now and again when I think of it. No big deal, for this one I am not on the needle.
I do not think there is much to be said about this one, we all do it.
My local supermarket, five minutes drive, The Migros in Langendorf, Switzerland.
Migros, Langendorf


  1. Hi Pat and hugs many hugs if you need anything let me know okay
    Love your pictures all of them

  2. Hi Pat, nice to see you. Very sorry about your diagnosis but I am sure with your strong spirit you will learn to get on. And nice pictures!! Wonderful shot of the computer, pastry, coffee and a glimpse outdoors. I start my day this way, too. Interesting shot of the diabetes equipment (nice marble countertop) and, yes, the hoover. I don't do it daily and I wish I had one as nice as yours. Great lines in the last photo; I like the way the angles lead back. Take care - I know you will.

  3. Great computor you have there. Im glad your managing your diabetes.
    Vacuuming is indeed a necessary evil. And so is shopping.

  4. Hi Pat!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. I have been having some issues with Blogger, hence the late comment. Your first shot demonstrates one of my own first 'chores' of the day. The 'chore' in the second shot is most important to your health!! That third shot is something we all have to not, although not on a daily basis. Yours looks like a cylinder Dyson. I have an upright Dyson myself, one of the ones with the 'ball' that makes turning easier. Ah, the food shopping...where would we be without it!! Unlike many people, I actually enjoy the weekly food shopping.

    1. My second vacuum cleaner is a stand-up Dyson that hangs on the electricity. I use it for the small tasks as we only have one carpet. More for the crumbs and small bits on the tiled floors, but then only when I cannot sweep it away - I also have one of those brushes and pans with the long handle to use standing up. I had to re-organise a lot of stuff at home amd Mr. Swiss is also feeling his age slowly being 8 years older than me - the Swiss version of Darby and Joan.

  5. Hi Pat! Sorry to read about your health diagnosis. I'm sure your positive thinking will help you to overcome the condition as much as possible....
    Nice set of chores, though I dislike shopping and vacuum... very boring, I think!
    Love the top shot.