Saturday, 11 June 2016

Picture This #356 ~ Daily Chores

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A great idea for a theme, lots of possibilities. This one took a bit of thinking about and searching through my archive.

Here are mine:

1) A 'daily chore' in the summer for this guy is serving ice-cream to tourists.
Awaiting Trade B&W

2) Not exactly a 'daily' chore, but a regular one is doing the washing. Here's a shot of the inside of my washing-machine!!
Colour Wash

3) Another daily chore in the summer is patrolling the beach, keeping people safe.
On Patrol

4) The most important daily chore........making dinner!!! This is Moroccan spiced lamb meatballs, Cous-cous and Raita.


  1. Hi Mitch! Some good pictures for the theme. I like the look of the young man selling ice cream. His faraway look is well captured in B&W. A nice touch is the sign in Welsh behind him. Interesting picture of your washing machine - a bit like abstract art. Patrolling the beach is another picture I like in B&W. And I am so envious of your delicious dinner. It looks magnificent!

  2. A great chore - I assume he likes icecream.

    Indeed - if you want clean clothes ;)

    A very important one

    A delectable chore!!

  3. A welsh icecream seller with a welsh sign, I love that one. I should really take a photo of the inside of my washing machine, never thought of it. I love shots like that. For me something completely different seeing someone on a beach patrol. Love your meal, you eat with the photo.

  4. Tried this once early on but now it seems to be working
    love all your shots Mitch especially the beach bugy with his surfboard wings great and of couse the icecream seller

  5. Hi Mitch! I like the set of your contributions on this week's theme. In fact, the shot showing the inside of your washing-machine is my favourite, because it's very uncommon. I really admire your idea...