Saturday, 11 June 2016

PT CCCLVI ~ Daily Chores

Beautiful banner by Mitch and wonderful theme by Benni.

These three shots were taken inside one of the old cottages in the Kulturen Open Air Museum, Lund, Scania.

 photo DSC_0251.jpg

 photo DSC_0252_1.jpg

 photo DSC_0249.jpg


  1. Interesting shots from the days gone by. No computers, no tv, just the bare necessities, but nicely made.

  2. Anders, I am a fan of daily life in times gone by so I love your pictures!! Wonderful cradle and woodbox in the first one, nice use of light. The second one shows beautiful wood, and I admire the chair in the third. Thanks for taking me back in time!!

  3. Hi Anders!! Very good shots for this week's theme. I have been having issues with Blogger, hence the late comment. Your shots are all excellent examples of the daily chores undertaken before the help of modern technology!!

    1. Thanks Mitch. I do love these old cottages.

  4. Hi Anders! I think I can say they depict a certain Nordic feel that I would never find here in the South of Europe...