Saturday, 18 June 2016

Picture This #357 ~ Drinks

Thanks for hosting Belita and an interesting theme and congratulations Benni on the super banner photo.

I only really drink tea or cranberry juice for medicinal purposes and never touch alcohol so I do not have a big selection, unless I took a photo now and again for fun. Let's begin with tea, and preferably Twinings please. I can buy it in our local town. I have blogged about it a couple of times and so I have this photo. I do not know if I have used it before on here.


Back to the days when my digestive system still accepted coffee. I took this photo in a local restaurant.
Orange coffee

My feline Tabby is totally TT and drinks only water, although she tells me that water is not just water . I took this photo today after another monsoon rain. My Hostas have mega leaves this year and she finds them ideal as a drinking bowl.

And talking of felines, Nera, Tabby's litter sister that left us a couple of years ago for her 10th life and the eternal corn chambers where the mice run free, also had her favourite drinking place.
Nera drinking water from the toilet


  1. Hi Pat! Very nice pictures of the teas and teapots. Love the orange background for the white coffee cup. And cats - what will we do with them? Tabby is wonderfully charming drinking from the hosta leaf. Don't know what's with them drinking from the toilet - but it's a cute pic.

  2. Hi Pat! What a good selection of pictures on the theme. Love the composition in the top image... wide range of varieties of tea and three beautiful teapots. In Portugal - most probably in other countries - that chocolate brown teapot we call it English style and it's easy to find it on sale. Good colours combination of the coffee and the tablecloth... even the pack of sugar matches... Tabby is clever and with a practical sense. Perhaps the water from rain has a special taste...At a first sight I thought it was a huge pompom pictured in the bottom photo... Thanks for taking part in this week's Challenge and thanks also for your kind words.

  3. Hi Pat!! Wonderful selection for Belita's theme. A lovely tea-set in your first shot, along with a large selection of tea flavours that Twinings are famous for, known even to people who dislike tea (like me!!). Ahhh, now the photo of the coffee is special.....not only because I prefer coffee to tea, but also the co-ordination of colour in the shot. A very good still-life. The third and fourth shots made me smile.....having been a long-time reader of your 'Cat Chronicles' I am familiar with Tabby and Nera's water preferences and why it tastes better in 'certain' places!!

  4. Delightful composition

    Im sorry for you - but tea is great substitute

    "Im into sophisticated leaves."

    "Oh, god, I shouldnt have had that last tequila."