Saturday, 18 June 2016

Picture This #357 ~ Drinks

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week. Another great theme that I don't recall us ever doing before!! This one was rather a challenge for me as I couldn't think of any suitable shots in my archive, so I had to improvise. All these shots were taken this morning with various drinks I have in either my fridge or kitchen cupboards!!

1) I always have a glass of juice with my coffee in the mornings. Here is this week's choice.
Drinks 1 Juice

2) Talking of coffee, here's the one I usually have. Yes, I know it's instant, but it has a surprisingly good flavour!!
 Drinks 4 Coffee

3) If you want an alcoholic beverage, choose your poison.
Drinks 2 Alcohol

4) Or maybe you prefer something softer?
Drinks 3 Fizzy


  1. love em all from top to bottom

  2. Hi Mitch, your drinks look great! Orange and mango would be a good way to start any day. Costa Rican coffee with chocolate and spice sounds wonderful. I'd love a mojito fizz but *alas* my system has difficulty with alcohol. (I may make an exception if Donald Trump goes down to defeat, apologies to any fans here.) So my favorite is the lovely fresh capture of the apple/raspberry water with coke and the photographer seen in the bottle, I believe.

  3. An interesting mix you have their Mitch, although I am sorry but will not be joining you in your choice. The only juice I drink is cranberry. I have never seen apple and raspberry flavoured mineral water before, a tesco idea it seems. Interesting alcohol selection I am sure.

  4. Hi Mitch! Thanks for your kind words. Actually, I'm pleased to read your words because I was almost sure that we hadn't ever had this theme. All the drinks, alcoholic ones excluded, I see pictured on here would be accepted by me at any time. I love orange and mango as much as I love coke. When I was a little girl. one of my dreams was to live in a house whose kitchen would have a tap that once turned on coke would come out...

  5. Very nice optional juices

    Instantly refreshing