Saturday, 4 June 2016

Picture This #355 ~ Rocks

Thanks for featuring my Apple No. 1 computer as banner, but my thanks goes to Apple for its invention.

Thanks for hosting Heidi and now I will throw a few rocks around if I find any They are mostly older photos so I have to be careful that I am not repeating myself somewhere.

I decided for the first photo to take a photo of my rockery five minutes ago with my mobile phone. When I find large stones I collect them in the garden and plant something in between, mostly sedum.
Rocks also make comfortable seats for ducks, espeially along our local River Aar.
M - Ducks on the River Aar
This is a so-called erratic block and there are many dotted around our village and the surroundings. They were left when the glaciers retreated and are now useful for an uncomfortable place to sit, or a photo. Vegetation has also taken over to a certain degree. This one is just along the path to where I live.
Glacial erratic in Feldbrunnen
And this is something completely different. Our local stone mason shop just along the road. He does it all: gravestones, monuments and ornaments. He has been there since I live in Solothurn and before, at least 100 years. He seems to have a monopoly on gravestones.
Local stone mason


  1. your banner is cool and yes our thanks to Apple

    love all your rock shots the first one is nifty cool idea
    the second love the ducks on the rocks in the water
    the third is cool left over from the ice age my whole hill is like this
    the last one is cool great idea

  2. Beautiful collection of rocks, dockpond, erratic rock and statue.

  3. Hi Pat!! Some good shots for this week's theme. I guess the first shot could be called a 'rock garden' !! I think I can see one of those red 'fire-bugs' on the large stone bottom-right. Lovely shot of the ducks at the river. I like how the rocks get gradually deeper into the water. Perhaps that big rock in the third shot is actually a foot-rest of an ancient giant!! Very good different take on the theme with the last shot.

  4. Hi Pat! Congrats on banner shot - well deserved. Love your rock garden - I do the same thing. Very nice picture of the ducks on the Aar, quite peaceful. Your erratic block is lovely with the trees and green moss or lichen on it. And a very creative final picture.