Saturday, 25 June 2016

Picture This #358 ~ Castles, Palaces Or Manors

Wonderful theme and grand banner by Pat! Wonderful to see so many different sorts of tea and teapots.

We don't have castles here; I wish we did. I love them. But I did the best I could.

Castle by the sea

Triangle Inn, Venice
The Triangle Inn, Venice, Florida.

Anita's Sandcastle
Anita's Sandcastle, home of the best beach food on the island. And one of its best customers.


  1. Utterly wonderful sandcastle and the two manor-like buildings

  2. Hi Benni love all your cool shots great thinking all of them

  3. Hi Benni !! I suspected you might have problems with this theme, but I really like your lateral thinking in finding something for it. Lovely sandcastle to start with, nice golden sunlight illuminating it. I'm amazed the building in the second shot is an inn. It looks like a private residence!! I presume seafood is the specialty at Anita's!!

  4. Hi Benni! The top shot reminds me of my childhood times in Summer. I do not remember to have ever made a castle as beautiful as that one. Staying at that inn must be pleasant and comfortable. Like the name of the restaurant - my eldest sister's nickname - and looking at the gentleman's face I believe how good the food is...