Saturday, 11 June 2016


Congratulations, Mitch, for the always beautiful shots of rocks, one of which is the banner image for this week.
Good theme, Benni!

Waving to the crowd is one of the daily chores of the Head of the State of Portugal DAILY CHORE
Unless you are bald, hair brushing is a daily chore, either you are or not a professional
In most cases, shopping is a daily chore, isn't it?


  1. Belita, glad to see you after your trip to Prague. Your Head of State looks very kind and I like the muted tones you have chosen for his portrait. Nice shot from the salon, lovely hair and a most handsome young hairdresser. I love your bottom shot, as you often do, you have captured people with interesting looks on their faces that seem to tell a story.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sorry about the delete but I made a mistake lol to early
      love the hair dresser wow
      the head of state cool shot
      the last one perfects good color love their expressions

  3. Wonderful captures of the various daily chores

  4. Your president surprises me, he looks normal, no overweight and smiling, you got a good shot there. Having that guy as my hairdresser I would definitely pay a daily visit. I have reduced the shopping to three times a week, and Mr. Swiss does the rest, but a very good capture. They seem to be doing it together.

  5. Hi Belita!!! Good to see you taking part this week. I've been having issues with Blogger, hence the late commenting. Your head of state looks like someone of warmth and wisdom. A very good shot. I wonder if the lady in the second shot also wanted the fur trim of her coat brushed also? Surely she would have been better off removing the coat first!! Good capture of the shoppers returning home. As always your people shots are excellent!!