Saturday, 11 June 2016

Picture This #356 ~ Daily Chores

Hi to everybody, I hope we have lots of people posting this week. Spectacular rocks by Mitch as our banner shot!

To tempt you I am playing with a theme that might have you thinking and having fun. The theme is "Daily Chores", and I hope you will  consider all the many possibilities.

Bluejay in birdbath
Taking a bath.

Keeping busy.

Getting ready for a night out.

The Pink House
Showing off for the neighbors.

Have fun!!!


  1. Hi Benni! Pleased to be on here this week and thanks for the good choice pf theme. Regretfully, I have not enough time to think of something uncommon, yet related to the theme, as you have posted. The four ones are really beautiful. Thanks for the smile the bottom one has put on my face. That style of architecture can be seen everywhere and whenever I happen to pass by one of those, I always start wondering about the interior decoration and the profile of the residents. The photo of the evening sky and the moon is very romantic and though I agree with your words, I would like depending on the temperature outside....

  2. Hi Benni a great theme
    I love the last one love that house the little bird doing his clean up chores love it

    excuse the mix up in who is doing the theme today to early no coffee and talking on the phone oh my sorry again

  3. "Splish! Splash! I was having a bath early in morning hour."

    Beautiful macro of the busy bee!

    Utterly lovely shimmerin ashgrey moon in the Columbiablue sky

    A castle!!

  4. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week, a great theme!! I've been having issues with Blogger, hence the late commenting. Love your shot of the bird having a bath. He's really having a good splash. Wonderful shot of the busy bee. Beautiful capture of the evening moon over the trees. A good capture of the moon is something that still eludes me. The house in the final shot looks like something from a fairy-tale. A definite case of showing off if ever I saw one!!