Saturday, 2 July 2016

Picture This #359 ~ In The Summertime

Hi everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be hosting this week. Well, it's now summer (allegedly!!), although the weather here in Wales this past week looks more like autumn, with torrential rain, high winds and cool temperatures. Anyway, this week's theme is 'In The Summertime'. Show us photos of what summertime means to you. Have fun!!

1) That perennial summertime on the beach!!
Cool Runnings

2) Typical British holidaymakers.....sunbathing fully clothed!! LOL.
Beside The Seaside

3) Lifeguards...making sure everyone is safe.
Keeping Watch

4) Having a drink with friends on a warm summer evening.
Good Company


  1. Hi Mitch I love your banner
    love your summer like over here one day sun and 2 says rain ugh
    your shots are neat especially the first one

  2. Good variety of photos, love the british holiday makers - must be a british beach. They go more wild abroad. Brought back a few memories of the english holidays I used to spend.

  3. Indeed it is - an' good un' tuu!

    "Welcome to the 64th annual British Suntanner's Association's World Extremely Challenging Attempted Tanning Championships. Here we see the three finalists doing their utmost to win the gold."

    Baywatch - where is Pamela?

    Wondserful shot

  4. Great beach shots, but my favorite is the people in the bottom shot. Wonderful capture of a lazy evening's conversation, full of expression and atmosphere.

  5. Hi Mitch! I like the theme, I love the four shots, particularly the top two ones that are very different from what we see in Portugal...