Saturday, 2 July 2016

Picture This #359 ~ In the Summertime

Wow what a grand banner!! Thanks, Mitch, for the image and the theme.

Music on beach
Playing the ukelele on the beach (Doesn't this woman look a bit like our friend Heidi?)

My neighbors' daylilies

Sailboat (sloop)
Sloop coming in to harbor

Summer salad with freshly picked herbs


  1. love them all you on the beach cool
    the summer food wonderful
    the slop is great
    flowers are part of summer

  2. "Im chillin' on the beach - and my heart sings as song. I say Im chillin' on the beach - and my heart sings a song."

    Stunning flower

    Beautiful ship


  3. Hi Benni !! great shots for this week's theme. Yes, the lady in the first shot does have a resemblance to Heidi!! Beautiful lilies in the second shot, I love that colour. Nice shot of the sloop entering the harbour. Was it called 'John B', by any chance? LOL. A delicious-looking salad in the final shot

  4. Like the lady with the ukelele having fun on the beach. Lovely flower and nice view of the sloop. The food looks really apetising

  5. Hi Benni! Cheerful lady playing the ukelele. Whenever she plays it, she certainly has fun, regardless the season of the year... warm colours in the second shot, while the third and the bottom ones are like a fresh breeze at this moment, still hot here, in Lisbon...