Saturday, 30 July 2016

Picture This #363 ~ The Things I Saw

Thanks for hosting Belita and wonderful banner photo from Benni.

First of all, I am practicing doing my photos by manual method at the moment before I get my super new macro lens to see if I can do it. I found I am getting somewhere but still have a long way to go before I become a second Mitch.Orchid 27.07 (1)

Showing part of the ceiling of Waltham Abbey and the inside of the cathedral.
Waltham Abbey 15.07 (8)

Saw this shop in the village of Waltham, although the white witch remained inside.
Waltham 15.07.2016

Not that I am posh, but with my handicap with my stick I now choose to travel 1st class, especially if I travel alone. On my way to Z├╝rich Airport for my flight to  London, I was alone in the carriage, so now you have a shot of a 1st class Swiss railway carriage. Don't ask me who the guy is on the wall,some sort of Swiss modern hero probably.Train 1st class to Zuerich


  1. Beautiful flower

    Wondrous arches

    Delightful shop

    Cool interior

  2. Hi Pat! Very beautiful close-up of the orchid flower. From it, I believe you can soon become 'Mrs. Macro'. Gorgeous ceiling of the Abbey and interesting the different designs of the arches. The variety of goods on display will certainly make many customers do shopping of the things they really like. Honestly, not my type of shop. I have never stepped into one of those stores, though Lisbon now has many of them. Enjoying comfort doesn't necessarily imply to be posh, I think. The older we get, the more we value comfort and other things that we had neglected at a younger age. Thanks for your contributions!

  3. Hi, Pat! The orchid shot is stunning, you totally deserve to get yourself a macro lens. Love the angles in your photo of Waltham Abby! The White Witch looks like my kind of store; I would love to browse in there. And nice shot of a bit of well-deserved luxury in your last shot.

  4. Hi Pat!! Fabulous photos for Belita's theme. Your orchid macro is very good, I think you are getting the hang of using the manual settings really well. Can't wait to see how you do with the new lens when you get it. Great shot of the interior of Waltham Abbey. I like how the angle allows us to view not only the interior arches, but also some of the ceiling detail. I like the look of that White Witch shop. It seems very similar to a shop called Equinox, in the small seaside town of Tenby, about 8 miles form here. it is full of things for those who are into the 'mystical'. I have never travelled First Class on a train, so thank you for showing me how the Swiss do it in style. Mind you, come to think of it, i haven't travelled by train at all for about 20 years!!

  5. wow Pat fab shots on the theme love them all very posh train love it
    the orchid is cool and of course the Aby oh lala stupendus and that shop would love to look around inside