Saturday, 30 July 2016

Picture This #363 ~ The Things I Saw

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week. An intriguing theme, that could be interpreted many different ways!!  I think that what makes a good photographer is recording the 'things they saw' where others may not have even seen things. I think that's true of all the members of this group. My entry is an example of that. When visiting the Grand Canyon most folks spend all their time looking at the spectacle of the canyon itself, and in so doing may miss other things, if only they had looked. All my shots were taken within a few yards of the canyon rim. 

1) A traditional Hopi communal house.
Hopi House 1

2) A piece of petrified wood.
Petrified Wood 2

3) A ground-squirrel.
Ground Squirrel 1

4) A traditional smokehouse chimney.


  1. Hi Mitch ll your shots are really cool love the squirrel

  2. Hello Mitch. I love your shots. Simply Fantastic. The Hopi House is unique and I've never seen anything like it before even though I've seen mud, brick houses here. The squirell looks so happy and satisfied. Maybe it's praying or meditating?The scared wood looks like candy. :)

  3. Terrific shots - Amazing structure, stone, close up on the squirrel and precarious tower

  4. All excellent photos taken with the photographers eye. I just love that petrified wood, so intersting. Lovel shot of the ground squirrel and the traditional photos of the house and smoke chimney are very interesting.

  5. Grand pictures, Mitch, I am especially fascinated by the Hopi dwelling. The sky sets off the color of the clay very well, and the man entering gives a sense of scale. Love the green too. Petrified wood is magnificent, great little squirrel and awesome chimney. The Hopi dwelling is my favorite; my father-in-law spent time in the 1930's living in a Hopi communal community and even learned the language.

  6. Hi Mitch! As always, your shots clearly depict the undeniable quality of your talent as a photographer. Awesome architecture, building material and colour of the Hopi communal house. Good to see that wheel placed against the wall. I don't remember to have ever seen petrified wood. I guess the squirrel is applauding your proper way of taking photos. Uncommon shape of the smokehouse chimney.... You did see very interesting things... I really like all of them. Thanks!