Saturday, 23 July 2016

Picture This #362 ~ Older Than 50 Years

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. A great theme, with lots of possibilities. My first thought was to post several photos of me!!! LOL. On second thoughts, maybe not!! I usually tend to use photos of the many castles here in Wales for this kind of theme, so decided to use some different ones for a change. All buildings still, but no castles. 

1) Aberglasney House, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Originally built more than 500 years ago, and has been rebuilt several times over the centuries. Unoccupied since the early 1950's, it was subject to restoration of both the house and it's gardens in the late 1990's. The central section of the house received only minimal restoration, was covered with a glass roof and turned into a 'ninfarium', housing a large collection of exotic plants including orchids.
Aberglasny House 2

2) Forgotten farmhouse in the valley of the River Towey, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Not sure of it's age, but most definately older than 50 years!!
Forgotten Farmhouse (Wide)

3) Thatched cottage in the village of Cenarth, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Dates back approx 400 years. Is now a coffee-house serving refreshments to tourists visiting the nearby waterfalls.
Cenarth Thatched Cottage

4) Ruins of a fortified manor house, Cresswell Quay, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Dates back more than 500 years. 


  1. hmmm that fixer upper farmhouse is cool
    love the old white washed Inn
    the first is very cool
    you out did yourself Mitch

  2. After my probably last visit ever to England, I am already missing things. My friend's bf lives in Waltham and so I got a guided tour of the abbey and village. There are such wonderful places in Britain, including Wales of course.
    Your forgotten farm house and the fortified manor house are english heritage and wonderful places. A lovely manor house and the ruined renovated manor house really have their charm. A lovely collection of super photos - but where are you????

  3. Fabulous shots; I am partial to Aberglasney House. The moody sky adds to the effect. Your bottom shot comes straight out of Game of Thrones. The farm houses are wonderful.

  4. Hi Mitch! Four photos, all beautiful and perfect for the theme. Love the top one for the sky, the mansion itself and the greens, followed by the abandoned farmhouse and the fortified manor house that are like food for my imagination, while a coffee or a tea enjoyed inside that thatched cottage would take me on a flavour and taste journey....