Saturday, 16 July 2016


Congratulations, Anders, for the very nice banner image. The castle looks very special from outside,..
Thanks, Benni, for the PEACEFUL theme. The latest terror attacks in Europe and the recent episodes of violence in the USA make us cry for Peace...

My interpretations on this week's theme show you some aspects of my understanding about what Peace is...

Although I have nothing to do with Buddhism, I admit the photo of the monk pictures peace of mind

If I happen to find a cat having a nap, I always think he's enjoying a state of peace

You look at the photo below and you see a peaceful scenery, don't you?


  1. Hi Pat hope you are feeling well today is going to be a wonderful sunny day
    love all your pics yes the Buddha is cool love your Tabby and the water always peaceful

    1. I'm sorry, Heidi, but if I were Pat, the photos would be much better... and I wouldn't like Pat to think I am being praised instead of her.

  2. Beautiful statue

    Indeed he appears to

    Utterly lovely beach shot

  3. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for Benni's theme. The shot of the Buddhist statue is a very good choice for the theme, as that religion is often associated with peace. The second shot made me smile, certainly cats know how to enjoy the peaceful benefits of a nap. Lovely peaceful beach scene in the final shot.

  4. Hi, Belita, very nice pictures for the theme. The Buddhist picture is quite peaceful and also has interesting colors and shapes. Love the kitty sleeping and the textures in that shot. And, yes, I see very serene and peaceful scenery in your last photograph. I envy the walkers on the beach.