Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I am pleased to see one of my recent pictures as banner shot. Thank you!
Thanks, Pat, for the wonderful theme!

At a former gunpowder factory ( Lisbon area)
older than 50 years 

Older than 50 years...any doubt? older than 50 years

Seen at a Moorish district (Lisbon) older than 50 years


  1. Hello, Belita! A very nice set of pictures. I am fascinated by the tiles I have seen in your photos and the ones in the picture up top are no exception. They are marvelous and I will need to go to Flickr and see them close up. An usual portrait of the woman, I love the composition and the colors. She seems to be getting around all right too. The ceramic ship in the Moorish district is also fascinating! Another good reason to go to Flickr and see it bigger.

  2. Love the tiles showing a span of 500 years in a perfect setting. A great candid shot of the elderly lady, we never know what lies ahead. Lisbon seems to be full of old relics that make interesting photos, as shown on the floor tile.

  3. Hi Belita!! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. Wonderful artwork on the ceramic tiles in the first shot. A fascinating glimpse into the history of the gunpowder factory. Very good shot of the older lady, still getting around with her walking sticks. It's interesting, in the third shot, how the tile featuring the ship has weathered better than the wall it is attached to!!