Saturday, 16 July 2016

Picture This #361 ~ Peaceful

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A great theme, and one that is much needed after the world has suffered such a turbulent week. 

Here are mine:

1) Bryce Canyon, Utah. Has to be the most peaceful place I've ever visited. At just over 9000ft elevation, the air is clean, crisp and the silence is only broken by the slight rustle of breeze through trees and the occasional bird-call. I think I could quite happily live here and just go into town once a week for supplies!!
Bryce - Farview Point 12

2) This pair of Capybara are looking quite peaceful as they snooze on a sunny afternoon.
Capybara Pair

3) There is nothing quite so peaceful as a walk alone in the forest.
Through The Trees 2

4) This Nene Goose was having a very peaceful sleep in the sun.
Sleepy Nene 2


  1. A truly magnificent mountain vista

    "Hey, buddy, we sure did the town in style last night."

    Beautiful and magical

    "Im soooo tired..."

  2. Hi Mitch, lovely pictures. I agree about Bryce Canyon. Fabulous vista you have captured there. I have camped in places like that, I never wanted to leave. Your sleeping capybara look so content (odd I dreamed about capybara last night) in the sun. Wonderful dappled sunlight and ferns in the woods. And the goose is so graceful; amazing detail in her feathers and beak.

  3. love your shots
    love those two snooze's in the sun and bird

  4. Hi Mitch! I love your four interpretation on this week's theme. A very good one by Benni! The second shot made me smile: Capibara (not Capybara because Portuguese alphabet doesn't have 'y') is a name commonly given t babies in Angola... Natives lik very uncommon names... Excellent shot of the goose.. You are right, walking alone in a forest and just hearing the sounds of Nature is Peace in the true sense...