Saturday, 24 September 2016

Picture This #370 ~ Autumn Fun

First of all congratulations Heidi to the wonderful banner photo and thanks for hosting this week.

Mushrooms spring up everywhere where I live especially along the river bank.

The apples are now ripening on the trees. This is an apple tree on one of the meadows nearby.
Apple Tree 23.09.2016
Another "Mitch" photo of my Echinacea, now only showing the head in the middle as the flower is now finished.
Echinacea 20.09 (2)
The local gardening department of the supermarket are showing some Autumn gourds.
Gourds 12.09 (2)
And I at last invested in a 300 lens for some long distance shots. I was fed up with birds that flew away when I wanted to take a photo. Here is my local Mr. Blackbird foraging around on the lawn searching for food. He will soon have a front seat on my bird house.
Male Blackbird 22.09 (8)


  1. Hi Pat! Great autumn pix!! Love your mushrooms apples and gourds. The macro is wonderful; you've really mastering that mode. And aren't the long lenses fun?!! Nice shot of Mr. Blackbird. I think you will have a lot of fun with it.

  2. Hi Pat !! Great photos for this week's theme. Lovely collection of mushrooms in the first shot, one of my favourite things to see in this season. Good crop of apples ready to be picked. Another great capture of the Echinacea. The good thing is the central part always lasts longer, so more chance to macro before it withers away!! Love the collection of gourds, all the different colours and textures. My favourite shot is of the blackbird. Great detail with your new lens, loving that inquisitive look he has.

  3. Hi Pat hope you are well
    love mushrooms in all ways love your Mr.Blackbird your Echinacea is cool
    the apples are cool
    your pumpkins are wonderful

  4. All wonderful captures Pat I am glad your enjoying your new macro lens ;)

  5. Wonderful shrooms

    Soon harvesting will begin.

    Incredible capture of the bud

    They're all pumpkinned out!

    Blackbirds are notoriously difficult to photograph. Terrific capture of this one.