Saturday, 10 September 2016

Picture This #369 ~ Volumetric/Geometric Shapes

The Three Bowls
 photo 46d5b57c-6955-4b98-91a4-499c278b5992_zpss1jitjxj.jpg

Ceiling Lights located inside a mall.
 photo bd1a17aa-2ad3-4d15-8f4b-ea6750c2b9a0_zps0xngpdbn.jpg

Storage containers made out of plastic and bamboo
 photo ce20dd93-d2f6-45b3-9736-c1886a79b8ec_zpsrzchvq9w.jpg

A Flower Vase
 photo 0d91d002-ecd0-4d01-849e-3d26e495727a_zpsgmacqeij.jpg

I am unsure what purpose these caffeine capsules serve but it seems like it might be helpful for folks who need to stay awake for an extended amount of time.
 photo 9236878f-de7c-4d4a-b199-f8a92f56b546_zpslilxoynx.jpg


  1. Very interesting shapes from India and naturally unique as always

  2. Hi Nikhil
    love all your shots they are superb especially inside the mall

  3. Hi, Nik! As Pat said, unique as always. I love the ceiling lights especially; so many shapes and curves. All your shots combine color and lovely textures as well as shapes.

  4. Terrific!


    For all sorts.


    Cool containers

  5. Hi Nik! Pleased to see you on here with a beautiful set of shots for the theme. I like all the photos but those ceiling lights in a mall have a beautiful design. I guess the whole interior of the mall is very special...

  6. Hi Nik!! Wonderful selection of shots for this week's theme. The wooden bowls in the first shot are an old favourite of mine. I love the alternating inlays of light and dark woods. Lots of interesting geometric shapes in the mall. I like all the different shapes and textures of the storage containers. The design and shape of the vase is very pleasing to the eye. There's enough caffeine in your final shot to keep someone awake permanently!!