Sunday, 25 September 2016

Picture This #370 ~ Autumn Fun

Hi all its good to be back on Picture This and the blogger software working for me again LOL. The Fun of Autumn is what I see through the lens of my camera the subtle changes that take place as we move out of Summer and into the Autumn season.

For Example colour change:

Its also the time of bounty:

The last vibrant dance of life before the sleep of Winter:

The last valiant burst of plant colour before the Winter lock down:

Simply the most beautiful fun time of year.

All shots taken in my garden over the last few days. Have a great Sunday. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Autumn Fun.


  1. Hi Baz!!! Great to see you back on Blogger and taking part in Picture This again!!! Wonderful selection of shots for this week's theme. The turning colours on the leaf is a great example of autumn. Great plump apple ready to be picked (and put in a crumble!!). Fantastic capture of the dragonfly. Nice capture of the wasp on the Echinacea. They are rapidly becoming a favourite flower here on PT!! Beautiful yellow rose to finish with.

  2. Hi Baz !! So glad to see you come back.Love your shots for the theme.
    The leaf slowly slowly turning great and the time of bounty to stock our larders wonderful apple,the dragon fly is just stupendous and the wasp on the Echinacea stocking up his house for winter and I love the Last Rose of Summer it is a beauty

  3. Hi, so happy to see you here again!! Love your leaf starting to turn crimson and the apple is wonderfully captured and makes me want to pull it off and take a bite. Wonderful cicada and coneflower with a buzzy visitor. My favorite is your golden rose, dewy and full of hope.

  4. Beautiful colours

    Delicious apple

    Magnificent macro

    Fabulous shot of wasp on the bud.

    Exquisite flower.

  5. Welcome back Baz. Great capture of the apple and the autumn colours on the leaf. Interesting dragon fly and a beautiful capture of the rose in the sunlight. The echinacea - yes, well now I have also been there and done it, but you can take them from all angles and each one is perfect in itself, even when they are finishing.