Saturday, 10 September 2016

Picture This #369 ~ Volumetric/Geometric shapes

First of all sorry I was not around last week, but things were beginning to get a bit stressful. I have a blog running on WordPress (crossposted to Facebook), I have physio therapy once a week and now have to inject every second day, not diabetic pens, but the real thing with needle and everything - no I am not dealing, just learning something new for my MS. To compensate I am a little earlier this week.

This is what I would title as a "Mitch" photo. The Echinacea flower head - taken with my new macro lens. Of course not as good as the original Mitch, but I think I might be getting there.

Echinacea 9.9 (1)

Here we were walking from the car at the local supermarket and I found the sun made some interesting shadows with the rails through the glass. As I always have a camera with me, I naturally took a shot.
Shadows Langendorf 06.06 (1)

This is a plain and simple sweet pea flower that attracted my attention yesterday in the garden. I grew it from a seed and each time they begin to flower I am surprised by the colour. This time it was a white one (yes, I know, again with my macro lens).
Sweet Pea 9.9 (1)

The Tower of the St. Urs cathedral in Solothurn, Switzerland,  taken on the way to town.
Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 09.09 (7)


  1. The Echinacea flower is pretty and unique at least for me. Love the shadow pattern. The white flower is pretty and love the Tower of the St. Urs cathedral

  2. hi Pat love your pics all of them the 'Mitch' flower is superb

  3. Aren't new lenses fun? You are doing a magnificent job with yours. Love the coneflower head and its geometric pattern. The shadows through the glass make for a fabulous picture. Love the little sweetpea and the many shapes of St Urs Cathedral.

  4. Wow amazingly intricate

    Complex indeed

    Beautiful in its simplicity

    Wondrous pinnacle

  5. Week after week, you are showing a great progress with your new camera lens... very beautiful detail of the Echinacea flower head. Good geometric shadows in the second shot. You did capture very nicely the delicate beauty of the white sweet pea while the bottom shot pictures several shapes...nice architecture!

  6. Hi Pat !! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. Lovely shot of the Echinacea. The light, colour and detail are all great. Terrific capture of the geometric patterns in the shadows. Very good macro of the sweet-pea flower. It's hard to get detail on those, but you have done it!! Great shot of the cathedral. What are all those things in the air? My guess is that they are part of a tram system?