Friday, 30 September 2016

Picture This #371 ~ Stones Or Rocks

Beautiful banner by Pat.

Welcome and greeting from Sweden! This week I'm hosting and the theme is Stones or Rocks - hope you'll find it interesting and fun challenge to find photos for. Enjoy! Best Anders.

This is from an excursion to the northern rocky beach of our village.

And this one is from an excursion to the Kullaberg Nature Reserve on the northwest peninsula of Scania.


  1. Hi anders love the first one and of course the colors in the second one are superb

  2. Hi Anders!! Many thanks for hosting this week. An interesting theme. Your two shots show how differently rocks can be affected by erosion. The first one looks like it's worn smooth by water-action. The second by more violent forces.

  3. Interesting rocky formations. Good colours on the second rock.

  4. Your rocks are very nice, Anders. The bottom one I hadn't seen before and it's quite interesting. Sorry I couldn't post this week; I was sick but am getting better.