Saturday, 3 September 2016

Picture This #368 ~ Low Light/Night

I have not been able to do Picture this for a while now. Now that I am learning to use my extra time a little better hopefully that will change in the coming weeks. 

#368~ Low Light/ Night

Wrong season, but low light was just right in this one. Annabella didn't want to miss a thing.

A little light from the lantern as the fire dances off the wick. 

Ok, for the last shot I end with an old favorite, The Moon. Now it is time for bed.


  1. Hi Randall, great to see you. Nice picture of the kitty and the tree. I love the copper lantern and the flame and its reflection. Magic! And of course, I love the moon shot, so much detail. The moon is a favorite subject of mine and many others to photograph; you have set the bar high.

  2. nice shots Randall the moon and your tree wow

  3. Hi Randall !! Good to see you taking part again!! Three perfect shots for the theme. The cat seems to be enjoying the lights while she waits for Santa to bring her Xmas presents. The flame from the copper lantern is beautiful. Love the simplicity of composition. Your moon shot is awesome in it's clarity and detail.

  4. Wonderful contemplative shot of the cat and the christmas tree.

    Beautiful iridescent flame in the brass fitting of the lantern in the velvet darkness of utter night.

    Stupendous capture of the moon.