Saturday, 10 September 2016

Picture This #369 ~ Volumetric/Geometric Shapes

Hi everyone, sorry I'm a bit late posting this week, as I'm visiting mom for a few days. Had to get her computer up to date as she hardly uses it herself these days. Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week, and for giving us another great new theme!! As I don't have my archive to refer to, I'm having to trawl through my Flickr account, which is slower.

1) A box full of avocados.
Under-ripe Guacamole

2) Irridescent paperweight.
Ball Of Light 1

3) Geometric New York.
NY Texture 2

4) Echinacea. A 'Mitch' shot.....for Pat.
Echinacea 1


  1. Hi Mitch! Hope you are having an enjoyable visit. Lovely green pattern with your avocados. The paperweight is fascinating; at first I thought it was a soccer/ football. A very interesting shot with different shapes and light values. Nice window photo with a contrasting curve! And, of course, your signature macro; it makes a flower head look like a mystical forest.

  2. Hi Mitch! Hope you have a nice time together with your mum. Although I don't like the taste of avocados I really love the top photo. Like Benni, at a first sight I thought that was a football ball. Beautiful paper weight... NYC has many eye-catching façades and that one is one of them... I look at the bottom shot and I see a beautiful flower that also resembles a sea urchin...

  3. Hi Mitch

    love your avocados cool and NY geometric is neat love your paper weight
    all great shots

  4. Even avocados have their beauty. A paperweight that glows in the dark and on the photo. New York is a study in geometry and OK, your echinacea puts mine in the shadow, but I now have a target in front of me. Did you almost sit on the flower for the photo? By the way I also have a new camera. My Nikon D7000 was too big and heavy to take with me anywhere. I have now got myself a Nikon D3300 which I can even put in my handbag. Even my 7000 lens would fit on it, but they are big and heavy, so I have the smaller neater execution for the new camera.

  5. Beautiful avocadoes

    Looks like a planet

    Cool pattern

    "We come in peace."