Saturday, 24 September 2016

Picture This #370 ~ Autumn Fun

Wonderful banner picture and theme by Heidi. Fall is one of my favorite time of year now that the weather has cooled and the leaves are starting to turn. The trees are still all green here, but I was able to find some pictures to fit.

An autumn dish, Hungarian paprikash, made by my husband whose mother's family is from Hungary.

Harvest moon 2
The Harvest Moon

A little bird in a thicket of branches.


  1. Hi Benni love your shots
    the goulash wow love it good shot
    your moon shot superb and bird great

  2. Hi Benni !! Lovely shots for Heidi's theme. That paprikash looks delicious Looks like it's chicken? Fantastic moon shot....yours just keep getting better and better. Cool shot of the bird in the branches, great focusing.

  3. That Hungarian dish looks great. Funny, I will be cooking a Hungarian goulash for tomorrow's lunch, but probably not as original and good as your husbands. Love that harvest moon photo, such wonderful shades.And the bird looks very much at home.

  4. A lovely interpretation of the move to Autumn Benni ;)

  5. Delicious

    Terrific capture of the moon

    Sweet little bird