Saturday, 3 September 2016

Picture This #368 ~ Low Light/Night

Hi this is me, Benni, your host this week. Fabulous banner shot by Mitch; I love that white cliff.

As photographers we are aware of light and shadow. Bright light has a very different quality than dim light, and creates different kinds of images and challenges. For the theme this week, I'd like to see your pictures that were taken in low light, maybe in the evening, maybe at night. Maybe indoors at a late dinner party. Maybe under dark clouds. Maybe a burst of light on a dark night.

As I always say, have fun. Here are mine.

Crescent moon
Crescent moon.

Outside in
Odd effect, shooting without a flash into my house, through the mulberry leaves.

Wall with bird
A bird looks for fish at dusk.

Day's end
The setting sun comes through my lace curtains and the glasses on the sill.


  1. Hi benni love your theme only problem is firsst I thought it was hard but now I found so many pics it is hard to chose

    love all yours
    Mitch your banner is cool

  2. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme that I don't think we've done before. Beautiful crescent moon peeping out from between the trees. Love that second shot, the 'blue-ing' effect of shooting without flash is great. I did experiments with this kind of shooting way back in 2007/8. Nice shot of the heron hunting for his supper. Wonderful golden light in your last shot, great silhouettes.

  3. Wow - exceptional capture of the cinnamon crescent of th emoon against the charcoal sky and the silhouetted branches of the tree.

    Utterly lovbely shimmering azureblue leaves against the fawn/palemustardgreen light in the window.

    "From heron after I will always pose like this for at the bank of the river when Benni comes by with her camera and catches me looking for a choice morsel in the evening."

    Beautiful shimmering mustardgreen luminescense through the lace-curtain.

  4. Hi Benni! Four great shots as you always share with us. Awesome shot of the crescent moon nicely framed by nature. You wrote 'odd' and I say 'beautiful' effect in the second shot...the leaves seem to have been bathed in blue sulphur. Nice shot of the bird, very concentrated on his effort to survive. Well, I have no words to properly comment the bottom favourite!