Saturday, 13 February 2016

Picture This #340 ~ Bend And Twist

Hi, this is me, Benni, once again hosting from the warmth of Florida's shores. Congratulations to Belita on a wonderful banner shot. Very nicely done.

The theme for this week is "Bend and Twist". As you might know, it's always more important to me that people have fun than stick hard-and-fast to the theme. Anything bendy, twisty, leaning, and so forth will do. Have fun taking pictures or looking through your folders. Here are mine.

Pelican contortion.

A shell in the afternoon light.

Curious Book Store
Arnold bending his muscles. Or is he twisting?

The gentle bend of a leaf.


  1. hi benni what a cool theme
    I love your shells
    will be back in a little while

  2. Hi Benni!! Many thamks for hosting this week. Great theme, lots of possibilities!! Wow, that pelican sure is bendy!! Quite useful when you don't have hands to scratch the top of your head!!! LOL. Lovely light on the sea-shell. Is it a conch? I think the only thing that gets twisted with Arnie is the English language!! Beautiful colour of the leaf in the final shot.

  3. I love that pelican, a real shot of the moment, especially beause we don't have pelicans here. A good example of a shell, and who can beat Arnold Schwarzenegger for muscular twists. A good view of the leaf

  4. Bending over backwards to reach an itch

    Wow that is amazing



  5. Hi Benni! Very good theme and better than it your set of photos is, particularly the bottom one which I really love....