Saturday, 20 February 2016

Picture This #341 ~ Neither/Nor

Thanks for hosting Belita and I love the banner photo by Mitch.

It's neither my garage, nor my kitchen - but my laundry room and on the right at the back, the wine cellar.


It is neither the local bus, nor our car, but the farmer spreading muck over the fields of the village.
Muck Spreading

It is neither an exhibit at the local food fair, or the product of an ostrich, just two normal eggs being fried in a pan.
Fried Eggs

It is neither mine, nor is it the neighbour's, but my husbands great grand-daughter, born just over a month ago.


  1. Hi Pat! You never stop surprising me with your creativity... love them all, but the photo of the fried eggs is my favourite. Do you use sunflower oil?

    1. I am a butter cook and use butter to fry everything (with the exception of a whole chicken and chips - french fried). I must have my butter taste on everything, pasta as well as veg. We have various qualities of butter in Switzerland, but it all tastes the same and the one I use is just right. there is a better more expensive butter for spreading on bread and eating, but this butter is just as good.

    2. Thanks for giving a detailed answer to my question. Whenever I fry eggs, I was told by a French lady that lard is the best grease. So far, so good...

  2. Hi Pat!! Fabulous shots for Belita's theme. Your laundry room looks tidy and well-organised. Glad that vehicle in the second shot ISN'T the local transport.......I'd definitely have to walk!! LOL. Great shot of the eggs cooking.......that's just how I like them. Lovely shot of mother and child in the last photo.

  3. Hi Pat! Nice washroom, I must say it is tidier than mine. I like the splash of color in the upper left. All the elements fit together nicely. Beautiful spring picture, is muck like . . . manure? I use it too, makes everything grow. Your eggs are wonderful and I enjoyed reading about butter. And, finally, wonderful picture of the baby. Very beautiful.