Saturday, 20 February 2016

Picture This #341 ~ Neither/Nor

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week. What a great idea for a theme!! It could be used for just about any photo, with a little thought!!  I enjoyed looking for variations on this theme.

Here are mine: 

1) This litter is neither natural nor eco-friendly!!
Man Was Here

2) These lobster-pots were neither in the sea nor full of lobsters!!!
Lobster Pots2

3) The Landsker Cross is neither solid nor made from one piece!!
Landsker Cross2

4) This mirrored fountain is neither dull nor dry!!
Fountain Tower Reflection 2


  1. Hi Mitch love your banner
    love all your great shots especially the mirrored fountain and the lobster pots

  2. Hi Mitch! It's a pleasure... Good to know that my choice of theme brought fun to you...
    Excellent set of photos, from the top to the last. Of course I love all of them but that of the litter is my favourite, for its simplicity.

  3. Who cares with the first photo it made a good subject. You have lobsters in Wales? They look quite ornate. The Welsh probably run out of stone - should have made it from coal. Very good fountain composition.

  4. Hi Mitch! Your first picture reminds me of what I so often see, and try to pick up. A good reminder to us all. In contrast, those wonderful lobster pots! Great patterns and textures!! The Landsker Cross is a fascinating work of art and I like it against the blue sky. And finally the mirrored fountain, marvelous! What a creative piece of art and such a good picture of it.

  5. A sign of the times

    You've netted it!

    Beautiful cross

    Really cool