Saturday, 27 February 2016

Picture This #342 ~ Shadows And Silhouettes

This is always a wonderful theme, at least for me. I go looking for shadows and light and silhouettes.

Lovely picture of eggs by Pat, frying in delicious butter.

Here are mine if Blogger cooperates:

Sun through palms
Sun through the palms and shadows on the porch screen.

Florida soft shelled turtle
Shadows of the walkway on the back of the turtle.

Heron at dusk 2
One of my favourites, I know I have shown it before.


  1. The turtle is a super photo, especially as I never see them here, just tortoises. The sun through the palms is a good capture and the outline of the bird (pelican?) against the sky in the background.

  2. Wow - utterly lovely shimmering lime/tealgreen foliage.

    "Im jest chillin'."

    "From heron after I will always stand serenely in profile when Benni comes along to take my pic."

  3. Hi Benni !! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. Love the play of sunlight and shadow on the screen. Great capture of the shadows on the turtle. My fave is that last shot......just glorious!!

  4. love them all especially the last one

  5. Hi Benni! Amazing colours in the top shot, followed by a very interesting effect on theturtle shell, while my favourite is the silhouette of the heron (?)...

  6. Thank you all, I am flattered. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. And yes, it's a heron, I finally found the original and swapped it out. Hope that doesn't cause a bother.