Saturday, 13 February 2016

Picture This #340 ~ Bend And Twist

I am back more  or less to normal, although still hobbling around on a cane, but I can use the computer - main thing.

Here are some bends and turns in Tabby's steps to the top of the cupboard.


A worm spends its life bending and turning.

And a tree on the bank of our local River, forming bends and turns whilst growing.
River Aare


  1. Hi, Pat! So glad you are better. Your pictures are great. I love the cat staircase; I bet your cat loves it too. The wood is beautiful. Nice bends on the wriggly worm. Your river picture is awesome! The tree is so lovely, with the colors and reflections in the water. Very peaceful and nice.

  2. Hi Pat!! Glad to hear you are recovering well from your fall. Great photos for this week's theme. Good shot of Tabby's 'stairway to heaven'. Looks like she was trying to decide if she wanted to expend that much energy!! excellent shot of the earthworm. They have many twists and turns in their lives, mainly avoiding the 'early bird' !! I really like the shot of the tree bending over the river.

  3. hi Pat all your twists and bends are superb love the worm lol
    the tree is wonderful
    your Tabby's steps remind me of the one we saw in Rheinfelden remember :)

  4. It appears to in a conundrum whether to accend or not

    It surely is

    Amazing tree.

  5. Hi Pat! I understand from Benni's words that you have had some health-related problem. I wish you a quick recovery.
    Regarding the set of photos I see o here, well, all are perfect for this week's theme, particularly that one of the worm...